8 Best Popcorn Flavors to Add to the Menu for Special Occasion!

Jun 12, 2023

8 Best Popcorn Flavors to Add to the Menu for Special Occasion!

Do you have a movie night coming up with your cousins this weekend? Or has the time of Halloween already arrived? It does not matter what time of the year it is - a party would be boring without popcorn. As popcorn is the favorite snack in every home - there is nothing you would not like about it. 

Besides being nutritious, enjoying this tasty snack is excellent in every way. The best part about popcorn is that children and adults can enjoy this delectable crunch. But these days, you can choose your flavored popcorn as there are various premade options.  You can try these for a special event and store the leftovers in the custom popcorn tins for later.    

What are the 8 Best Popcorn Flavors to add in Your Party Menu?

● Popcorn Flavor #1: Bacon Cheddar Popcorn

If you love popcorn, then remember to try the Bacon Cheddar popcorn. This meaty snack tastes cheesy and salty, besides giving crunch in every bite.

Bacon Cheddar Popcorn

Choosing this flavor would be perfect for a movie night as it would jazz up the occasion and please the crowd in the best way. Adding this popcorn flavor to the menu would make you forget about the nachos. You can serve it with beer once you order bacon cheddar popcorn for your house party. 

Popcorn Flavor #2: Banana Popcorn 

If you have children coming over for a play date and want them to have their best evening ever, then Banana popcorn is the right choice. Adding this to the menu would not make you feel guilty as an elder. With some banana flavor, the popcorn tastes salty and feels light to the stomach. It would not be wrong to say that your little ones would go wild for them. In addition to this, you can add to your child's diet as they are healthy, and you can store them in various containers available such as Coca-Cola tins, Marvel addition tins, Sports tins, Alamo City Lovers tins, and many other tins are available. 

Popcorn Flavor #3: Caramel Popcorn 

Another popcorn flavor that you can choose to boost your mood on any special occasion is caramel popcorn. As a result of the caramel sauce coating, the popcorn is tasty and crunchy.

Caramel Popcorn

It is a perfect addition to a birthday menu or hanging out with friends. Add caramel popcorn to the vintage popcorn tins and have a blissful time together. Nevertheless, the beautifully glazed popcorn would serve the taste buds of all ages. 

● Popcorn Flavor #4: Churro / Cinnamon Toast Popcorn 

If you are looking to prepare a last-minute snack for your loved ones, then churro cinnamon toast popcorn is. Besides being indulgent and perfect anytime snack - they can be stored longer in custom popcorn tins. This popcorn flavor warmly blends and melts in the mouth by reminding you of the element of cinnamon in every crunch. Simply put, this mouth-watering popcorn delight would serve your taste buds perfectly. 

● Popcorn Flavor #5: Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn 

This flavored popcorn would be an ideal choice when looking forward to spicing up the night, specifically something like the Halloween party. With a perfect combination of tangy and spicy jalapeno - the popcorn flavor will make you fall for it.

Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn

Once in all, your taste buds will get addicted to this sensational flavor that will keep you coming back for more. Furthermore, to make your night more spicy, you can pair popcorn with some favorite beverages of your choice and pizzas. 

 Popcorn Flavor #6: Blueberry Popcorn  

Another popcorn flavor to choose for your children and their friends is blueberry popcorn. An authentic flavor that leaves behind an earthy, creamy, and sweet taste is, in effect, to the popcorn. Simply being fabulous, the blueberry popcorn gives an authentic flavor that one cannot resist. Furthermore, they also have a beautiful bluish color that will attract your children to this healthy delight. 

Popcorn Flavor #7: Spring Vanilla Popcorn 

If it's a perfect girls' night with the theme of everything pink - then the spring vanilla popcorn is a must-try. The vanilla flavor and the pink color create an ideal combination, especially for bachelor parties or gender reveal parties.

Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn

Not only does it taste sweet and salty, but it also gives an essence of vanilla that lifts the room. Moreover, you can get spring vanilla popcorn and mix it with blueberry popcorn for a twist. 

Popcorn Flavor #8: Flamin Hot Popcorn 

It cannot go without flamin hot popcorn when it's a fiery night. This popcorn flavor exposes you to the spicy, hot, and fiery crunch to serve your taste buds perfectly. As they appear hot and red, you can pair them with your favorite beverage and serve them in any tin. They are not just cheesy but a fun treat for every event. Moreover, this type of popcorn makes it a great alternative to Cheetos. 

How to Buy Best Flavored Popcorns For Your Special Occasion?

Your special occasion might not be as complete or enjoyable as it should be without popcorn. So when looking for the right popcorn flavor, you can come to us at alamocitypopcorn.com. We are the leading providers of different types of popcorn, and you can also have custom popcorn tins. 

You can rest assured of buying popcorn from us, knowing it will stay fresh longer. Also made with the best ingredients, you may fall in love with different flavors in every crunch. We use premium ingredients for our popcorn that you might not find elsewhere. Nonetheless, our popcorn is very reasonably priced, as is the popcorn tin with 3 flavors. All you must do is place an order and get it delivered to your doorstep right away.


  • Which popcorn flavor is the best?
  • Among Americans, the all-time favorite popcorn flavor is the classic butter flavor.

  • What can I add to popcorn to make it better?
  • There are many delicious toppings you can add to popcorn to enhance its flavor. Some of the popular options are: 

    • Butter 
    • Salt 
    • Cheese 
    • Herbs and Spices 
    • Caramel 
    • Nuts 
    • Garlic 
  • What's good to dip popcorn in?
  • You can enjoy popcorn by dipping it in melted chocolate for a sweet treat, warm cheese sauce for a savory delight, or adding a caramel drizzle for a buttery and sweet flavor.

  • What is the most buttery popcorn?
  • The most buttery popcorn you'll find is Alamo City Popcorn's extra buttery popcorn.

    • Which Popcorn is popular? 

    The popular popcorn flavors include classic butter, salted, caramel, cheese, and kettle corn.

  • What are the 8 types of flavored popcorn? 
  • The 8 types of flavored popcorn include buttered, salted, caramel, cheese, kettle corn, white cheddar, spicy (e.g., jalapeno), and chocolate drizzled popcorn.

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