Valentine's Day Popcorn Gifts Baskets & Tins

Feb 08, 2024

Valentine's popcorn gift baskets and tins

Thinking about skipping the crowded restaurants this Valentine's Day? Well, we've got the perfect cozy date night idea for you— a classic movie night paired with a variety of popcorn and delicious takeaway food! Sounds exciting, right?

Light some candles, grab a blanket, put on the perfect romantic movie, and voila—with just some food, you can have the perfect movie night. To make it extra special, surprise your loved one with a fantastic popcorn gift basket.

In this blog, we've listed a variety of popcorn gift baskets and tin ideas to help you choose the perfect kit for your Valentine!

Sweet Surprises in Every Valentine's Popcorn Gift Box

Movies and popcorn go hand in hand, and if you have a movie night planned for this 14th February, then getting popcorn is the unsaid rule. We have curated a list of popcorn baskets to help you choose the best one for your date night–

Be My Valentine's Box - Includes 6 Mini Bags

Our Be My Valentine's Box, features 6 mini bags of irresistible and yummy flavors. From Sweetheart Vanilla to Flaming Hearts Cheddar, each mini bag is a burst of joy—approximately 3 cups of pure deliciousness!

Valentine's Gift baskets by Alamo city popcorn

Valentine Cones - One Dozen

Our valentine cones are the perfect way to make your partner happy! A mix of Valentine and traditional flavors, including three premium selections, make it the perfect way to say "Happy Valentine's Day!" You can also customize your message for that extra special touch.

Pick Me Cupid Box - Choose 6 Mini Bags

Create your own popcorn combo with our pick me cupid box. You choose 6 mini bags, including a premium chocolate flavor, that will be shipped right to any door in the continental U.S. This basket adds a personal touch that shows you care.

Sweethearts Gift Boxes

This valentine’s day surprise your sweetheart with our Sweethearts gift boxes! This gift basket is available in small and large sizes. Each box, filled with 3 bags of your chosen flavors, is a beautifully wrapped gesture that'll make anyone feel cherished.

Rustic Hearts Gift Boxes

For a classic and retro touch, you can choose our rustic heart boxes. You can fill this basket with 3 bags of your favorite flavors. These boxes are wrapped in cellophane and adorned with matching ribbons are the epitome of love.

Valentine's Gift baskets by Alamo city popcorn company

Vintage Hearts Gift Boxes

In the vintage hearts gift boxes basket, each box is a treasure trove filled with three bags of your chosen popcorn flavors, offering a nostalgic and delightful experience. It's not just a gift; it's a journey back in time, wrapped in love. And don't forget to include a personal message for that extra touch of sweetness.

Valentine Gable Box: 3 Gourmet Popcorn Bags

Our valentine gable box will completely enhance your popcorn experience. You can choose three handcrafted gourmet popcorn bags with flavors of your choice, ensuring a delightful treat for yourself and your partner. 

Valentine's Popcorn Tins

If you're planning a movie marathon, you can choose one of our Valentine’s Popcorn Tin to give your partner– 

Choose Your Favorites - 1 Gallon Popcorn Tin

Our Valentine's Popcorn Tins are available in 1 gallon boxes. You can either choose one flavor or up to 3 flavors for a tin filled with love and crunchy goodness.


Choose Your Favorites - 2 Gallon Popcorn Tin

If you and your partner love popcorn, this 2 gallon popcorn tin is the perfect choice! You can either fill it up with one flavor or you can choose up to 3 flavors.

Classic Lovers - Tin 1 Gallon

Or, you can opt for the Classic Lovers Tin, a 1-Gallon delight featuring the timeless and classic flavors of Extra Buttery, Cheddar Cheese, and Caramel.

Create Your Own Popcorn Gift Pack

Get creative with our Create Your Own Popcorn Gift Pack and give it as an appreciation gift to your partner for the amazing and kind person they have always been. You can choose up to three flavors and receive two candy boxes with the junior-sized popcorn bags. It's a personalized surprise, packaged with love.

So, how does a perfectly romantic movie night with popcorn sound to you now? Brilliant, right! You can order any of these amazing valentines day popcorn gift baskets from Alamo City Popcorn now!  We blend passion with flavor to create the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Our handcrafted popcorn is made with love, ensuring a delightful experience for every bite.

create your own popcorn gift packs


How do I create my own popcorn pack?

Visit our website and choose the Create Your Own option. Select three flavors and enjoy!

Are the popcorn tins refillable, reusable and recyclable?

Yes! If you live near our store, bring your tin back for a refill. Our popcorn tins are also both reusable and recyclable, adding an eco-friendly touch to your treats.

Is shipping available for all Valentine Gable Boxes?

Yes, shipping is included for every Valentine Gable Box delivered within the continental U.S.

How can I personalize the Choose Your Favorites Popcorn Tin?

During the ordering process, just provide your custom message for a personalized touch on your Choose Your Favorites Popcorn Tin. We will make sure the message is included.

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